Welcome to the Headquarters (Hombu)
Academy of  Aikijujitsu and Shorinji Zendo-ryu Karate

Professor  Phillip M. Skornia, 9th dan

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SHORINJI ZENDO-RYU KARATE TM is an ancient system that traces its history directly back to the Shaolin Temple.  Because of its open-minded philosophy, it has kept up-to-date with the scientific developments and techniques of newer styles over the centuries. 

  is an open-minded philosophy seeking the real spiritual truth of religions, philosophies and metaphysics. ZENDO-RYU TM applied to Karate martial arts, develops a system of hand and foot fighting, which accepts all PRACTICAL, EFFECTIVE, AND PROVEN (P.E.P.) techniques and training experiences from all styles of Karate (all hand and foot striking martial arts). 

ZENDO-RYU TM is an "omni" system of Karate (martial art) based on universal principles of body movement and mind power, passed down for generations from great legnedary grandmasters.  SHORINJI ZENDO-RYU KARATE TM teaches that all true styles of Karate have merit, and there are within each style, no matter if it is Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or Okinawan, good and effective techniques and training experiences.

The Chief Instructor is Prof. Phillip M. Skornia, 9th degree Black Belt, with over 60 years experience.  He is one of the foremost recognized martial arts authorities in the world.  He was selected Instructor of the Year, 1985.  He has received dozens of awards and accolades from schools, colleges, and community leaders over his teaching career.  Prof. Skornia took the United States team to the World Karate Championships at Tokyo in 1977.  He has also trained Gold and Silver medalists in the Senior Olympics.  Prof. Skornia's students have also won national tournaments and Gold Medals in TaeKwondo in all divisions, as well as Silver and Bronze Medals in both children and adult levels.

Hollywood movie and TV studios have used many of our students for martial arts roles.  We are often called for children, women, and men to audition for various upcoming roles in new movies.  We were called for people to be in a Steven Segal video. Master Skornia personally knows and has trained with Steven Segal.  They trained at the same Aikido school in Tokyo, Japan.  One of our Black Belts is the brother of one of Steven Segal's highest ranked instructors. 

Did you know that Chuck Norris trained at the Academy of Judo & Karate?  He is a personal friend of Master Skornia.  Many friends and students have appeared in Chuck Norris movies.  Mr. Skornia was his guest at the unveiling of the Chuck Norris Walk of Fame star on Hollywood Blvd.

The original American Ninja, Michael Dudikoff, was taught by Master Skornia. 
Our students have been in movies with Arnold Schwartznegger, who knows Mr. Skornia also.

Bruce Lee knew Master Skornia.  Mr. Skornia was able to exchange techniques and philosophy at Bruce Lee's school in Chinatown.  Bruce Lee's brother, Robert, trained with Master Skornia. 

Mr. Skornia was a consultant on the original Karate Kid movie.  He was on location in Hawaii on the original set.  He has been on several TV shows and done TV commercials on martial arts.  He has been a consultant on the Bloodfist series of movies.  Dozens of martial arts students and friends of Mr. Skornia have been in these movies. 

Professor Skornia has been featured in every major martial arts magazine in America and Japan.  He uses his own students to be in these national magazines with him.  We get calls from studios for martial arts stuntmen and celebrity bodyguards.   Our school is a registered movie location.  Scripts for movies have been written here. We will train you for these opportunities. 

YOU WILL SUCCEED!!!  We offer a positive and safe atmosphere in which you can explore the exciting hopes and dreams for your mind and body.  "To achieve something better in your life, you must try something new."  If you want to learn the fastest, easiest, and most powerful secrets of the ancient masters for developing a happy, dynamic, prosperous and successful life, come train with the oldest and most highly respected school in South Bay.  Wake up each day with fire and excitement because, through our special mind training and positive mental attitude, you will be attracting personal power, happiness, prosperity, and peace of mind.  Live without fear - control your destiny!


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